JW: Russian media Views Jehovah's Witnesses as American spies

The intelligence community of the U.S.A. sends into Russia representatives of Christian sects for collecting intelligence, retired General Major Valery Malevanny, the vice-president of the Berkut Association of Veterans of Special Services, declared.

"The sects even exist for this and for this they are financed by western intelligence agencies so that these sects will conduct ideological, diversionary, provocational, and, of course, spy work," the expert declared on Monday on air with TV channel Zvezda.

He said that networks of "religious saboteurs" have often tried to operate on Russian territory.

"Youths are sent on supposed survival expeditions in the guise of Jehovah's Witnesses. Literally 2 to 2.5 years ago they arrested such an expedition on the border of Pskov province, where they tried to collect information about military objects that are located on the border with the Baltic states. This information was instantly dispatched by instructors, and the instructors, naturally, were from American intelligence services," V. Malevanny noted.

He gave an example of when in 2015 on the border of the territory of the Arkhangelsk province an expedition of students of the "church of Mormons" was arrested.

"It turned out that when FSB counterintelligence arrested them, among them were two instructors who were found to be agents of the C.I.A., and the students themselves took samples of water, air, and soil," the vice-president of the association explained.

He recalled that the Plesetsk cosmodrome is located in Arkhangelsk province.

"Under the pretext of this Mormon student expedition, American intelligence agencies tried to find out what launches occurred, how many vessels were involved, what was their precision, and what were the time intervals," V. Malevanny added.  
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