The Vision

1. “The Beast”

My second book, “The Beast”, is largely complete. It needs to be gone over and formatted so that I can quickly output high-quality electronic versions so that people (i.e. potential editors) can read it and provide feedback. I am not an editor by nature and need a second pair of eyes AT MINIMUM before I want to put this out. “Arbitrary Data” is not my best work, but the process of getting it out there was important and vital to my own growth and understanding of the processes that I am engaging in.

In summation:

2. “Programming Tutorials and THE RPG”

In spinning up my programmer-brain again, I seek to put out a text-based ASCII nethack/dwarf-fortress-like Role Playing Game engine that can be built up with graphics and eventually released on a wide variety of computer, phone, and game console platforms, and in the process of doing so, put out tutorials that build up from the primitives of the C programming language all the way up to actually writing the Open Source engine of the game itself. I find the process of documenting my own actions extremely soothing, so this is a very appealing thing to me.

I know there are many people out there who are also interested in learning how to write code like real developers and hackers do, so I, being one, will bring this to you, the people. In the process of doing this, I will also be working on a third book, “How to write an RPG in C from scratch”.

In summation:

3. “Networking & Marketing”

As the landscape of marketing on the Internet changes, I want to help enable other artists to automate the means by which they get their material and image out into the world so as to help maximize the monetization and profitability of their work, if that is their goal. I can optimize for other end-goals if profit is not the chosen path as well. Naturally, being able to establish these things requires significant work in terms of establishing individual needs on a client-basis, so this is something that can be talked about in person if you are interested in the following services:

4. “The Future”